12th Sunday in Ordinary Time (2017)

My brothers and sisters, here is a question for you: what do you fear?  Most of us are afraid of something or someone, and sometimes our fears are well-founded and other times not.  Regardless of where you live, your background, the color of your skin or your age, we can all agree that we live in uncertain times; times that provoke fear within our hearts and souls, but there is light and hope in the readings this weekend.  The Gospel prompts you and me to be courageous in our everyday lives, to speak the truth, and to not be afraid.  The first reading reminds me of random moments when I am frustrated with those who have wronged me.  In those moments, my first passionate prayer is usually: “Lord God, please get them for me! Oh, and make it hurt”.  Like Jeremiah, making the shift from lamentation and frustration to trusting in God, is the true nature of faith.  When we stand on tiptoes, we are unsteady. When we are straddled-legged, we cannot move, and when we present ourselves with clenched fists and folded arms, we cannot receive. Be confident in God’s love, and trust that all will be well by God’s Grace.

In my opinion, all the readings this weekend are saying, trust in God; yes, trust in God’s love for you, and proclaim that love every day.

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